Can I Cancel My Honda Extended Warranty?

Just like other manufacturers, Honda has a factory warranty covering all its vehicles. After buying a Honda, you get a limited factory warranty which is valid for three years. You can also option to purchase an extended warranty known as Honda care which is a plan that is more comprehensive and its validity can last up to 8 years after you buy the car. will try to answer the big question from people having Honda care: “Can I cancel my Honda extended warranty?”

You have the right to cancel your extended warranty any time you want.

However, the amount that you expect to get back is based on pro-rated refund/partial refund which is associated with distance and time driven. Another thing is that, if that warranty is included in your financing, in your signed contract and in your monthly payment for that car, there’ll be no cash refund. WHY? Well, this is because if you cancel the warranty, Honda credit takes the cancellation amount and tends to apply it to the end of your loan. But if you paid it separately, you will get the cash refund. Nevertheless, there’re some contracts that offer free refunds if you were to cancel your extended warranty before thirty days elapses after your initial purchase.

Process of canceling the extended warranty.

The procedure isn’t complicated and only patience is needed.

STEP 1: Contacting the dealer

This involves reaching out to the dealer that you bought your vehicle from and inform them of your decision to cancel the warranty.

STEP 2: Cancellation form

You’ll be issued with this form to fill information such as date, model, make, and vehicle’s mileage. Ensure that you get a copy of the signed form. Additionally, it’s advisable to ask them for an acknowledgment writing showing that they’ve received your notice to cancel the warranty.

Consider contacting the dealer on a monthly basis to check if your request has been processed.

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