Does BMW Extended Warranty Cover Maintenance?

While a new BMW will come with several years of manufacturer warranty included, extended warranty is an extra cost and it is optional. Because you have to pay extra for the warranty, many are tempted to believe that maintenance cost might be included in the package. Understand more about what is covered by a BMW Extended warranty at

A regular extended warranty for a BMW does not include maintenance cost.

Maintenance costs are included only in the 4-year factory warranty that comes with a new car. After those initial 4 years, the owner will have to pay for an extended warranty and get a maintenance program. Those these programs cost quite a bit of money and some might not want to pay for both and may get just one of them. However, it is worth noting, that without the maintenance program, the extended warranty is still voided if maintenance work is not done properly on the car. Basically, the owner either ensures to pay for maintenance work himself or pay upfront for the maintenance program. In either, maintenance work is a must as a condition of having an extended warranty.

Deciding if a maintenance program is worth the price is the tricky part.

To save as much money as possible, a bit of math is required. The first step is to check how much a mechanic will charge for maintenance, parts, and labor for that particular model and how often it needs to be done. Usually, it is every 10,000 miles. After that, you have to estimate how many miles you do every year and calculate how many times you have to pay for maintenance work. Sum that all up and then compare it to the price of a maintenance program. BMW maintenance costs are not that high despite being a luxury brand. The extended warranty is a bit more expensive since the parts are also pricier. In the end, it is a matter of paying for convenience or saving some money on maintenance.

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