How To Protect Your Dream Car By Extending Your Auto Warranty?

People save money for years to buy their dream car. When the time comes to get a new car, the very first thing that comes to mind is protecting it. Manufacturers offer a limited warranty which is rarely more than 3 years. Here at we suggest that is not enough since most people keep their car for more years than that. This is where extended warranties come into play. Everyone needs to get insurance but extended warranties are optional. If your dream car breaks down, you will usually get it fixed even without an extended warranty. The difference between having an extended warranty and not getting one is who will be paying for the repair. If you do not have an emergency fund saved for high-cost repairs, an extended warranty is the only way to go.

The standard warranty that comes with every new car can be extended with an extended warranty.

It usually offers the same coverage as a factory warranty but it has a few restrictions and limitations such as servicing the care properly or not exceeding a certain number of miles per year. It is possible to add more services or buy more miles for an extended warranty but these details need to be checked with the dealer.

One interesting aspect of these extended warranties is that they can be purchased for used cars as well.

If your dream car is, for example, an older model, it can be protected by an extended warranty. Some used car dealers offer this type of service for an extra cost. Most customers purchase such a protection plan. Ideally, nobody wants their car to break down so having the protection of an extended warranty makes plenty of sense. If the car never breaks down during the extended warranty, the owner would never consider that the warranty was never worth the money. Even if you pay for it, ideally, you would never have to need it.